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~Chaos Dice~

An abode to Kanah's mushy fanfics

Chaos Dice
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A place where kanah_chan12's fanfiction goes
Welcome fanfiction readers, one and all. Chaos Dice is simply a place where our whimsical writer, kanah_chan12, places her works.

However, I strongly warn you that all of her fanfics consists of an OC (original character) the she deftly inserts to blend into the original story. Be assured that she tries her best to not create Mary Sue's. She would like to inform you all that she is not a hater but the comm does not contain any BOYS LOVE (Note: She has nothing against it.)

Her top fangirling subject would be the famous Korean band, DBSK (or THSK in Japan, TVXQ in Chinese and Rising Gods of the East in English). She is an extreme fangirl, be warned.

She also loves the great work of Stephanie Meyer called Twilight.

Also note that she is an avid gamer (RPG, Tactics, and Fighter based are her top favorites).

The three types of stories that Chaos Dice holds are:

Point of Views the she uses:
First Person
Third Person

Chaos Dice currently holds these following fanfictions (posted in comm):
Prince of Tennis

Currently in the making (haven't posted in comm):
Final Fantasy XII
Fairy Tail
Suikoden V
One Piece
Ouran High School Host Club

She would really appreciate comments and constructive criticisms, they would really help her out.

Please feel free to watch or join and enjoy reading! ^_^

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